About Us

Our Mission

At TriStar Pure, our Mission is to provide high quality supplements to help you achieve nutritional balance.

We started TriStar Pure because we believe YOU should live your best your life and that begins with a healthy and balanced diet.  Unfortunately, most adults do not get enough of the essential nutrients needed to maintain or improve their health.  That’s why we partnered with health scientists and nutritionists to develop a custom greens blend to help you live a healthier lifestyle.  We will continue to advocate for a healthy diet provided by Mother Nature but we will always be here to fill in your nutritional gaps and provide the extra nutritional boost only supplements can provide.

About our facilities

We want to create the best supplement products possible using the highest quality ingredients.  That is why we have partnered with a fully certified, GMP compliant and FDA registered manufacturing facility based in Atlanta, GA.

At TriStar Pure, we take quality very seriously.  Through our partnership, our product quality and purity are maintained and guaranteed by in house as well as third party lab testing.  

About our Manufacturing Partner:

  • Fully Certified
  • Made in the USA
  • FDA registered Facility
  • GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • ASI Food Safety Certificate of Compliance
  • BBB Accredited business